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Q What is the main idea behind the establishment of Alliance Limited?

Establishing a focused, investment-driven culture is the very reason that Alliance was created. This culture continues to define our organization today, attracting like-minded employees and investors. We are a tight-knit team — one that’s not afraid to respectfully challenge and debate ideas in search of the best results/outcome.

Alliance Limited is a fully registered and licensed company. click here!

Q What condition is required before one can become an investor with you?

You have to be at least 18 years old before you're allowed to become an investor. In addition to this, you must agree to our Terms of Service. Anybody from anywhere in the world can invest with us.

QAre investment returns guaranteed?

Alliance Limited is a completely risk-free investment company, all thanks to our overall ideology and company concept. In addition, our company is made up of certified professionals in various fields, our goal is to provide a seamless investment experience based on expert project management.

Q How many accounts are allowed per person?

With us multiple accounts are allowed, however we urge our investors not to abuse this priviledge to avoid repercusions

Q Which is the main principles behind your company?

We focus on understanding the long-term drivers of a winning business, not quarter to quarter earnings. Our investment process requires independent and sometimes contrarian thinking. We provide services that help clients engage with local markets globally. Client needs vary, but our focus is constant – to provide nimble, innovative and bespoke access to solutions, from market and insight tools, to trading strategies and execution.

Q How do I open my personal account?

You can have your personal account within a minute. All you have to do is fill in a signup form, where you will be required to provide your personal information and payment address.

Q What payment options do you accept?

We accept the Bitcoin cryptocurrency payments.

Q What fees are applicable to internal and external transactions, if any?

No fee is applied for external transactions, however there is one for internal transactions.

Q How long does it take for my account to start generating interest after I make a deposit?

All investments are recorded in the database after 3 network confirmations after sending your coins to us. Your account will start receiving interest from the elapse of the first day after a deposit is made.

Q Is it possible to add more funds to active deposits?

No, this is technically not possible. However, you can have multiple deposits being traded at the same time.

Q I need to withdraw my funds, where do I go?

To withdraw your funds, please go to the withdrawal section of your personal account and request a withdrawal.

Q How long does it take for withdrawals to be processed?

All withdrawals are processed within 24 hours or less.

Q Which is the minimal withdrawal amount?

Minimal withdrawal amount is $10 US Dollar.

Q What does referral commission mean and can anyone benefit from it?

The idea behind our referral program is to provide more earning opportunity to members who refer other people to our firm. Not much work is needed from you; just share your referral link, which is made available in your account, with friends, and you'll earn 10% when they begin their investment.

Q Are active deposits required from me before I can earn affiliate commission?

No, no active deposit is required to earn commission as an affiliate.